Mom Places Pizza Order With Hidden Message That Saves Family’s Life Who Is Held Hostage

Now, this is one mother with a good head.

There are times when we end up finding ourselves in unfortunate situations. However, if there is one that we get shown from time to time, I is that God will ever leave us without a solution that we can try and get ourselves help.

A good mother is ne who is ready and willing to do any and everything humanly possible for the good of her children. Indeed, God was sure to create mothers with a special strength that sets them clearly apart from anyone else that comes in and becomes a part of our lives.

Cheryl Treadway, a woman who as three children, found herself in a very dangerous situation. The mother, who hails from Florida, and her children were in a hostage situation, and they were being held captive by Ethan Nickerson, her boyfriend. He held them and threatened to harm them with a knife, and Cheryl was genuinely scared about what was going to happen to her kids if Ethan suddenly lost it.

She suddenly got a bright idea, and she decided to ask Nickerson if she could order a pizza in order to give to her children, who were already complaining of being hungry.

Fortunately for Cheryl, the captor of her and her children gave her the opportunity to make her order online with the use of her phone. He made sure to keep a close eye on her, and a soon as she was done making her order, he took the phone from her hands immediately.

However, what Nickerson didn’t know was that he wasn’t quick- or vigilant enough to stop her from sending an SOS message through the app of Pizza Hut.

Cheryl was able to put up a comment on the local page on Pizza Hut that she and her kids were being held captive. Also, summoning some serious creativity, the mother got the bright idea to post the same message right under the instructions that she put for the representatives of the pizza company in order for them to effectively go about her delivery.

As soon as the store manager got this message, she was able to understand the situation that was at hand, and she immediately sprang up to action by calling on the police. A soon as she alerted the police, they were able to send a unit to Cheryl’s house. The unit arrived just in time to save Cheryl and her children from their captor.

Nickerson was charged with various counts, and a test that was conducted on him came to show that at that time, he was under the influence of meth.

Due to some quick thinking and wonderful intuition, Cheryl was able to save her life as we as those of her children. She was able to get a message out to the manager of the local Pizza restaurant, who was on hand to get help for her. Within a matter of minutes, the entire situation as saved, and no one came out of the situation hurt.

Cheryl said later on that she would never forget what happened, and she thanks God for giving her the intelligence and presence of mind at that time that she needed to save the lives of the people who meant the most to her in the entire world.