Man Found Frozen Solid With No Pulse When Dr Announces Plan To Save Him Making Everyone’s Mouth Drop

Miracles happen when we least expect them. We don’t always get them, but when we do, it’s like everything becomes possible. Miracles strengthen our faith in each other and in the kindness of human beings.

In one moment of absolute hopelessness, one doctor refused to give up on his patient. Something told him that the young man people thought was already gone could still be revived. It was a good thing then that this doctor didn’t lose hope. Because in doing so he saved a life and inspired countless others in the medical field to go up against the odds in order to save a life.

frozen man saved by doctor

One day in February, a young man was walking home at night. Unfortunately, he never made it to his destination. Instead, he was found more than ten hours lying on the snow, frozen. Paramedic Emmett Thomas and his colleagues thought the 25-year-old Justin Smith was beyond saving.

The young man, whose body was found beside the road in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, no longer had a pulse. Justin’s father, Don, who had been searching for his son hours before, refused to believe it. He tried shaking his son awake to no avail. At that time, the coroner was already called.

doctor saves frozen young man


When Justin was rushed to the hospital, most people were simply expecting the doctor to officially declare him beyond hope. What caught them by surprise was Dr. Gerald Coleman’s decision. The emergency physician at Lehigh Valley Hospital thought there was still a chance that Justin could be saved.

He had a lot of doubters, but the doctor couldn’t be dissuaded. They performed a complicated and risky operation on him that wasn’t even a hundred percent sure to bring the young man back. All Justin’s father could do was kiss his son on the forehead and say,

“I love you.”

Slowly, though, Justin’s body warmed up and his heart started beating again. After twelve days, Justin finally opened his eyes. Although Justin lost some of his fingers and toes, he was still thankful that he was brought back to life.

young man miracle

Many praised Dr. Coleman for not losing hope, but not many know that the doctor had actually lost his own baby daughter nine years before Justin Smith was rushed into Lehigh Valley Hospital. His daughter was born prematurely and had only lived for several weeks.

Some say it was this experience that encouraged Dr. Coleman to hold on to he small chance that he could bring Justin back. Whatever his reason was, the good doctor’s intuition and hope had saved a life. He helped keep a family together and inspired one young man to live his life to the fullest.

Sometimes, miracles come in the form of ordinary people willing to go against the odds to save a life.