Duncan Hines Is Recalling Popular Product Due To Potential Salmonella Poisoning

Salmonella infection can possibly kill you. This is why when a salmonella risk was raised with the Duncan Hines, a popular baking brand, they immediately announced a voluntary recall of some of the baking products.

Conagra Brands which is the parent company of the brand in question is removing cake mixes from different stores and are asking consumers to double check their purchases. According to the news, the CDC and also the FDA are already investigating a salmonella outbreak and this resulted in five people already being ill. A sample of the white cake mix in question has tested positive.

The affected products show use dates that are ranging in the month of March 2018. Here are the products that you should watch out for:

Duncan Hines Classic White Cake (UPC: 644209307500)

Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake (UPC: 644209307494)

Duncan Hines Classic Butter Golden Cake (UPC: 644209307593)

Duncan Hines Signature Confetti Cake (UPC: 644209414550)

The Duncan Hines is recalling all of these items that they were able to produce during the same time frame. Authorities are also encouraging consumers to NOT eat the mixes whether raw or cooked. It is best to return them to the store or better yet, discard them right away.

The Food and Drug Administration released a statement regarding this issue and according to them, it is still unclear if it is the cake mixes itself are tainted. According to them, it can also be possible that those who got ill associated with these cake mixes consumed the product raw. Always remember that eating foods that have raw ingredients like eggs may increase the risks of certain illnesses.

According to WebMD, the infection itself is called “salmonellosis” but we know it by its name, “salmonella. ” In fact, this is the name of the bacteria that is causing the infection. Aside from running to the bathroom, some of the symptoms may include fever, pain, and stomach cramps.

Most of the individuals who get salmonella can get better on their own within 4 to 7 days. However when home remedies do not make the infected individual get better, visit the doctor right away.

Aside from the cake mix that was questioned for its possible salmonella contanimation, there are other sources of the said infection. Some of them are meat from poultry, beef and veal, as well as pork. Salmonella can also be produced in contaminated water or the way you prepare your food can also be the source of infection. Going to the bathroom without washing your hands thoroughly can give you the infectiion too.

When left untreated, salmonella infection can have different complication. Some people get pain in their joints which the doctors call it “reactive arthritis” and can last for a couple of months or longer. Dehydration can also be a problem since you might be losing too much fluid from having runny and watery poop.

If the salmonella infection gets in your blood, it has the ability to damage your body tissues around your brain and spinal cord, the lining of your heart, your bones or bone marrow, and also the lining of your blood vessels.

Before its too late, remove all of the mentioned cake mixes from your pantry and throw them away before you put yours and your family’s life in danger.