Baby Grows Fang Overnight, Parents Finally Get An Answer To What It Really Is

Dracula might look cool in the movies, but imagine a mother’s horror when she wakes up in the morning and discovers a little spiked shaped tooth in her baby’s mouth that had grown overnight. While Oscar O’Bryne was in the right age range for his teeth to start growing, a tooth appearing overnight was quite abnormal and what’s more not one that with a spike-like shape.

Oscar’s mom had one to his crib early in the morning to check up and him. She met the little one crying and despite all the efforts to pacify him nothing was working; the boy just wouldn’t go back to sleep. On a closer examination, she discovered the real problem and she was alarmed.

There was a full-grown fang in her son’s mouth. The Fang had grown overnight and was most likely responsible for his discomfort.

The shocked mom quickly took her kids to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, but unfortunately, the doctors spent all the time debating about the cause of the problem rather than try to help the boy. The frustrated woman decided she has had enough after a few hours without the help she wanted. She decided to seek help elsewhere.

Her next call was a nearby hospital called Temple Street Hospital. There she was able to find dentists that were willing to examine her son.

They got rid of the fang and although it was a really traumatic experience for her because she had to hold her son on in her arms while his teeth got removed, the dentists were finally able to get rid of the tooth at the end of the day.

It was a frightening experience for the mother, but at the end of the pay, everyone could finally have a good laugh about it. They even kept the tooth at a future gift to the little boy. His was a unique first tooth and considering the fact that it appeared in the Halloween month, one could say the boy is probably a little vampire.

Oscar O’Bryne isn’t the only case of a Dracula-like tooth that we know of. A 49-year-old woman who goes by the name Charlotte Bateman was in a similar situation. She had gum disease which was left undiagnosed by her irresponsible dentists that later caused her teeth to be deformed into fangs.

Despite making frantic attempts to have the dentists check her teeth and help her, just like in Oscar’s case described earlier they didn’t do anything to help the poor woman. She was emotionally affected by the way her tooth appeared and it affected her self-esteem. It even affected her job as well.

as the situation grew worse she became uncomfortable in social situations which meant she couldn’t meet with clients confidently anymore and her career as a baker was affected.

At the end of the day, Charlotte had to file a lawsuit against her dentists for their negligence and she won a ruling in her favor that won her $25,000. Fortunately for her, just like in Oscar’s case she was later able to get the help she needed. She got corrective treatments that got her teeth fixed.

She had to pay for implants and lose some of her teeth, but at the end of the day, she would be able to smile confidently again without having to worry about how she looked.